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EMIGMA V9.5 Release

EMIGMA V9.1 Release

EMIGMA V9.0 Release

EMIGMA V8.7 Release

Evaluation, Demo and Free Software

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EMIGMA Demo - EMIGMA_Demo_Setup.exe - 236 MB
All functions of licensed EMIGMA including processing and interpretation. Limited to the sample databases provided (no importing of data).
Includes four sample databases. One database contains data from a broad range of applications. The other three databases exclusively contain time domain, frequency domain and gravity data respectively.
Get additional sample databases.
QCTool Demo - QCTool_Demo_Setup.exe - 67.2 MB
This software has a 7 day free evaluation period when it will be fully functional without registration. Days not used will not count toward the 7 day period. After submitting this form, you will be sent an email with a link to your download.
EMIGMA Viewer - EMIGMA_Basic_Setup.exe - 66.2 MB
Share your results! This version is a free version (not a demo), which ONLY allows you to open and view the EMIGMA databases generated by licensed users.



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