Since 1994

Processing Products

You may require data to be processed by an outside agency. We can provide this processing whether it requires a particular software package, EiKon Technologies' packages or processing commercially available in any package. We are especially experienced with geophysical data for ground, airborne or borehole applications in the areas of:

  • Electromagnetics
  • Magnetics
  • Gravity

Magnetic and Gravity Corrections: With the use of our exceptionally accurate and unique algorithms, we can provide accurate and sophisticated data corrections including all of the basic data corrections as well as enhanced gravity and magnetic corrections including the most accurate magnetic compensation corrections available.

Magnetic and Gravity Gradients: With the use of our specifically designed and accurate algorithms, we derive processed derivatives from total field data that are virtually indistinguishable from measured gradients and often significantly more accurate.

Gridding: Extremely accurate, high resolution, local gridding techniques designed originally for satellite data but now available for airborne geophysics.
Why spend millions on a modern survey and use ancient tools for producing your maps?

Airborne Magnetic Processing: The most versatile and adjustable magnetic compensation software and the most general de-rotation for your measured gradients.

Airborne EM Processing: Accurate decay analyses maps for all airborne TEM systems, accurate apparent resistivity and depth estimates for your airborne HEM data.

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