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3D Geophysical Models

Although you may be very interested in our modelling capabilities for geophysical data, you may not have the time or experience to perform the modelling in-house or it may be more economic for us to perform the service for you.

Templates: If you are using our software products for modelling, we can provide you with templates to make the process faster and easier.

Type Curves: If you require model type curves to aid in understanding and interpreting your data.

Data Fitting: To find the most likely model of the ground that explains your data.

Before you drill, why not build an accurate 3D model of the geology from your geophysics? Having spent a significant amount on your data, why not spend a little more to help give you the best drilling results. Exportable to various formats including 3D .dxf

EM, Magnetic, Gravity, Resistivity or IP.

We provide integrated models for all of your data related to your exploration objectives.

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