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Inversion Products

Gravity corrections and inversion: All the gravity corrections including advanced Eotvos and Isostatic corrections are offered as well as three dimensional, detailed inversions including inversion of your geophysical gradient and vector data for either airborne or ground data or combinations. All for a REMARKABLY LOW PRICE of $1000.

Magnetics: Three-dimensional inversion with the ability to import topography, geological models and many other tools to constrain the inversion. Available for ground, airborne data or any combination: ONLY $800.

Airborne Time-Domain: Extremely accurate, stacked, one-dimensional inversions for VTEM, MegaTEM, GeoTEM, HeliGeoTEM and AeroTEM. Very competitive rate: ONLY $3 per line kilometer!

Airborne and Ground Frequency-Domain: Accurate, stacked, one-dimensional inversions or fast approximate conductivity depth-images. Towed helicopter or fixed wing systems. We offer airborne frequency domain inversions at a very ECONOMICAL rate of $2 per line kilometer!

Ground Time-Domain EM: Accurate one-dimensional inversions for either fixed or moving loop surveys. Use both your in-loop and out-of-loop data. Joint inversion of multiple offsets or multiple receiver orientations

Resistivity and IP: Detailed 1D and 3D constrained Resistivity Inversions using accurate electrode geometries. Remember, you cannot treat IP data as potential field data but we do provide fully accurate 3D IP models including current interactions between structures as well as all IP interactions and EM effects.

CSAMT: Accurate and detailed 1D and 3D inversion utilizing the 3D source geometry

Natural Fields: 3D MT and AFMAG inversions

3D Extended Euler Depths: for gravity or magnetics using derived or measured derivatives. Ground or Airborne data.

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Aquifer Study