Since 1994

Demo Databases

Note: The following databases can be used with both the licensed and demo versions of EMIGMA

  • Overall database (47.9 MB) - Contains actual data from a wide variety of applications including ground and airborne data with some processing, modeling and inversion already performed.
  • Example database (67.3 MB) - Some of the same data as Overall database.
  • FDEM database (22.3 MB) - Contains GEM, IRIS and Geonics FEM data: DUALEM, GEM2, GEM3, PROMIS, EM31, EM38, EM31-3 and a MaxMin survey.
  • Mag Comp database (23.9 MB) - For aeromagnetic compensation.
  • Mag database (112 MB) - Geotechnical and geological magnetic examples. Both ground and airborne data are represented.
  • Mining database (90 MB) - Mining examples. Data types include gravity, large loop TEM, airborne TEM, airborne FEM, borehole magnetics, ground magnetics, IP and airborne magnetics.
  • Near Surface database (12.1 MB) - Ground water and geotechnical applications including EM34, EM31-3, magnetics, resistivity, IP and TEM.
  • Gravity database (11.2 MB) - Exclusively gravity data examples.
  • TDEM database (9.65 MB) - Time domain examples. Ground data only.
  • Airborne FEM database (45.5 MB) - Examples of airborne frequency domain data.
  • CSAMT database (49.1 MB) - CSAMT data examples.
  • IP/Resistivity database (1.88 MB) - IP/Resistivity data examples.
  • TEM Airborne database (54.6 MB) - Time domain examples. Airborne data only.
  • Natural Fields database (15.3 MB) - MT and ZTEM data examples.
  • Magnetotellurics database (37.3 MB) - MT/AMT, AFMAG and ZTEM data examples.
  • VLF database (2.54 MB) - VLF data examples.
  • MMR database (337 KB) - MMR data examples.
  • CSEM database (1.69 MB) - CSEM data examples.
Note: Once the downloaded file is unzipped, the directory structure must be preserved. Do not change it or you may not be able to use the database.