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Free EMIGMA Demo
Premium Series (unlimited data points per survey)
(Database, data editing, XY Plots, gridding, contouring, 1D/2D data filters, map overlays, GPS projections, model simulation and inversion)
Fully functional demo
with no data import.
Free Viewer
Premium Series (unlimited data points per survey)
EMIGMA Basic (Viewer) - Share Your Results
(Database, XY Plots, display grids and contours, map overlays, view GPS data, view model and inversion results)
No data imports allowed.
This version is for viewing other users' databases only.

All prices are in US dollars - Valid until July 1, 2019. (unless otherwise stated)
We accept payment in any internationally traded currency.

Prices listed on the website are for direct purchase by the licensee ONLY.
Prices for resellers and agents may vary. Please contact sales for more information.

Licenses for Government and Academic purposes may have additional discounts.

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V9.5 Premium Exploration Packages EMIGMA Series List Price
Full database platform for multiple surveys, unlimited survey size
EMIGMA Premium Complete - Airborne, Ground, Borehole
for Magnetics, FEM, TEM, Gravity, IP, Resistivity, VLF/VLF-R, MMR, Marine EM
Premium $10,000
EM and Magnetics Applications for airborne, ground, marine and borehole surveys
Natural fields and controlled source electromagnetics
including Land-Based CSEM, MT/AMT, CSAMT, ZTEM, AFMAG, MTEM,
TEM, FEM, IP, Resistivity, VLF/VLF-R
Premium $10,000
EMIGMA Premium for Ground and Borehole applications - Ground and Borehole
for Magnetics, FEM, TEM, Gravity, IP, Resistivity, MMR
Premium $6,000
EMIGMA for Gravity - Airborne, Ground, Borehole applications
Basic, FFT, 2D/3D modelling, 3D Inversion, Euler, Gravity Corrections
Premium $4,200
EMIGMA for Magnetics - Airborne, Ground, Borehole
Basic, 2D FFT, 3D Inversions, Modelling, Euler solutions
Premium $3,500
EMIGMA for Potential Fields - Airborne, Ground, Borehole
Combined gravity and magnetics package
Premium $6,000
EMIGMA PREMIUM for Marine Gravity and Magnetics
for processing, modeling and inversion of general marine potential field system configurations
Premium $10,000
EMIGMA for MT/AMT - Ground applications
Basic, Modelling including 2D/3D models, 1D Inversion, 3D Impedance and
Tipper Inversions, stacked 1D Inversion sections, Tensor Decomposition package
with Ground TEM or Resistivity
Premium $5,000
EMIGMA for Land-Based CSEM and CSAMT
Single or multiple grounded 3D current sources, 1D/2D/3D Forward Modelling,
1D and 3D Inversion for multiple fields and transmitters
suitable for marine CSEM modelling
Premium $5,000
EMIGMA for IP/Resistivity - Ground, Borehole, Xhole applications
Basic, PseudoSections, 1D Inversion, 3D Inversion, 2D/3D modeling
Premium $3,500
EMIGMA for MMR - Ground and Borehole
Basic, 3D modelling.
Also available as add-on to EMIGMA Premium for IP/Resistivity
Premium $2,500
EMIGMA for TEM - Ground and Borehole
Basic, 3D Modelling, 1D Inversion including both inloop and out-of-loop
Premium $4,000
EMIGMA for Airborne TEM
Basic, 3D modelling, 1D inversion including offset Tx-Rx configurations.
Includes airborne and ground applications for FEM and TEM
Premium $6,000
Airborne and Ground EM for Natural Fields Add-On
for natural field applications such as MT/AMT, ZTEM and AFMAG
and capacitive electric field measurements. Available as add-on
to EMIGMA Premium Complete or EMIGMA for Airborne FEM+TEM
This add-on is included in the EM for Oil and Gas license
Premium $3,000
Basic, with Pseudo-Depth imaging, 1D inversion, 3D modelling.
 Includes airborne and ground applications for FEM
Premium $3,000
V9.5 Professional Licenses for Ground Only
Environmental and Geotechnical Packages
EMIGMA Series List Price
Ground Applications
Professional Series - database framework, unlimited surveys per database
(maximum 50,000 data points per survey)
Note: Support for these packages is available only by email
EMIGMA for Ground - VLF/VLF-R Professional $1,500
EMIGMA for Ground - Magnetics Professional $2,500
EMIGMA for Ground - Resistivity, IP Professional $2,500
EMIGMA for Ground - Potential Fields - Ground surveys only
Magnetics + Gravity package
Professional $4,000
EMIGMA for Ground - TEM - Ground surveys only
Professional $3,000
EMIGMA for Ground Complete
IP/Resistivity, FEM, TEM, Magnetics, Gravity
Professional $5,000
Academic Packages
Academic Packages include QCTool
Note 1: Support for these packages is available only by email
Note 2: Network licensing also available if required
Please contact us for academic prices
Note: Academic prices are for direct sales only!
Note: Academic prices apply to teaching and degree granting institutions only
Resellers: contact Sales for quotes
QCTool V3.0.12
Includes 1 year of email support and upgrades
List Price
per Unit
QCTool V3.0.12 Standard
unlimited data points, greater than 500 channels, data linked spreadsheet, plotter, gridding, filters,
GPS projections, gravity corrections, magnetic corrections including IGRF, derivative calculations
1-3 $300
4-9 $200
10+ $150
  • For online purchase you must provide a valid email address in the "Email Address for License" field.
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