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Training and Support Policies


    Most EMIGMA licenses include some training without charge and this includes most maintenance agreements as well. Please refer to your quotation or invoice for the specifics of your particular license.

    Additional training is negotiable but generally the rate is $500/day/trainee with discounts offered for groups. Rates are generally lower at the initiation of a license and when the client company has multiple licenses. Rates are negotiable and we recommend negotiating your training rate at the time of purchase.

    Any travel costs incurred by Petros employees for training are the responsibility of the client company.

    Individuals are welcome in our offices for informal training at any time without charge as long as this offer is not used excessively.

    Most EMIGMA licenses include a 1-year support agreement. All licenses include support agreement of some length. This support includes access to our support via e-mail, telephone and our chat line. To find out the exact length, please request a quotation or contact sales.

    Note: Some clients utilize the training periods for general education in geophysics. In these cases, we maintain the right to adjust training costs appropriately

  • QCTool

    Click here to view QCTool's support policy. No training is included. However, we do provide training at a reasonable cost. Please contact sales for further information.