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EMIGMA Professional Series


3D Modelling
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3D Modelling

Magnetics, FEM, TEM, Resistivity, Gravity

Up to 50,000 points

GUI Interface - Intuitive User Interfaces for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Data Imports

  • Large Loop TEM Imports (Geonics, Zonge, UTEM and Crone)
  • Small loop systems (terraTEM, TEM-FAST, Phoenix TEM and WTEM)
  • FEM Imports (Ground)
  • AMIRA TEM (Geonics, Crone, SIROTEM)
  • Time Domain IP (Zonge, ELREC6 format or as an ASCII text format)
  • Frequency Domain IP (Zonge and ASCII text format)
  • Resistivity Data (Generic ASCII text file) with Phase if available
  • Gravity Data in XYZ or QCTool format
  • Magnetic Data Gradient data, vector data in XYZ or QCTool format

Data Management

  • Database backbone
  • Large data set handling: three levels of data organization inside a database
  • Merging, export, import of data sets and their customization for further use in EMIGMA modeling
  • Data statistics

Data Processing and Correction

  • 1D and 2D digital and spatial filters, with sizes specifiable by the user
  • Simple and weighted averaging decimation
  • FFT tools for magnetic data applicable to both measured and simulated data
  • Graphical data extraction, profile editing and modification
  • Data Corrector tool combining dynamic spreadsheets and line plotter for data cleaning, missing data interpolation and simultaneous plotting of different data channels for fast cross-analysis
  • Magnetic base station correction
  • Latitude/Longtitude projections including polar projections
  • Average duplicates, remove outliers, merge lines or surveys
  • Trend removal

3D Modeling

  • Easy model building: large data sets, flexible profile generation and manipulation, multiple system geometries, large loop modeling, etc.
  • Unlimited plate, prism and polyhedra anomalies suitable of EM, Magnetic, Resistivity, Gravity data
  • Multiple target shapes: pipes (hollow cylinders with or without lids), ellipsoids, shells, bullets, landmines, drums, spheres, prisms, plates, general polyhedra...
  • Multiple scattering modeling: Simple Superposition, Far- and Near-Field Interaction, Automated Mode (the type of interaction is selected for you)
  • Synthetic Topography-Poly Generator for modeling complex geological anomalies and topography
  • Modeling conductors with volume ILN prisms - Volumetric Induction Modeling
  • Model suite generation for rapid building of layered earth and plate model suites with varying resistivity, thickness, strike, strike length, dip, dip extent, plunge and conductance
  • 3D forward simulation in batch mode: multiple sources, any number of profiles, any number of data components
  • Import of geological models from CAD applications
  • Model building tool in 3D space

Data Inversion

  • 1D inversion for EM and Resistivity data
  • 3D inversion for Magnetics and Gravity including topographic effects
  • Display of 3D model section cutting in the 3D Visualizer
  • 2D representation of geoelectric sections - PEXShow tool
  • Magnetization vector inversions

3D Euler Deconvolution

  • Statistical and Rodin post-processing
  • 2D and 3D visualization of solutions

2D and 3D Visualization

  • Data visualization in 3D space, as profiles, vectors, true 3D surfaces or contoured surface along with the 3D structure display
  • Ability to view up to three data channels
  • 3D modeling tools: easy object manipulation and adjustment, single-click conversion of prisms to polyhedra, etc.
  • 2D and 3D visualization of Euler solutions and magnetic inversion results


  • Comprehensive XY Plotter for plotting data, decays and positions
  • Multi-channel and multi-profile plotting
  • Flipping between resistivity and conductivity
  • Switching between channels, profiles and models
  • Plotting to scale
  • Multiple plots per page
  • Residual plotting
  • Saving plotting defaults for rapid plotting of model suites
  • FOM algorithm for data quality control


Gridded data
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Gridded Data
  • Five gridding algorithms: Natural Neighbor, Delauney Triangulation, Shepard & True-to-Data, Minimum Curvature and Thin-Plate-Splines
  • Quick setting of your grid geometry and input data to be used for interpolation - ProfileViewer
  • Residual grids

Grid Presentation and Analysis

  • Multi-component grids - switching between channels and components without a necessity to grid anew each time
  • Rectangular grid cells
  • Profile, data and contour overlays
  • Equal Weight and Equal Range display
  • Single-click conversion to Apparent Resistivity and Conductivity
  • Analytic Signal displays
  • Euler solution overlays
  • Decay rate/Amplitude mapping and export
  • Superposition on raster maps and annotation
  • Map generation with options for transparency and annotation
  • Import and export of GeoTIFF format
  • MultiGrid tool - viewing and comparing up to 4 grids at a time


  • OpenGL interpolation
  • Multi-component contours - switching between components and channels
  • Flipping between Apparent Resistivity and Conductivity
  • Contour lines and their customization
  • Data display as 3D surfaces
  • Range of pseudo-depth and pseudo-section displays
  • 3D volume interpolation of inversion results - section cutting