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EMIGMA Basic (Viewer)

Airborne Gravity - Gulf of Mexico
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Airborne Gravity - Gulf of Mexico

EMIGMA Basic (Viewer) is intended for shared use of the software. For example, you have obtained some interesting results of interpolation or geophysical modeling and now would like to send them over to your colleagues. To view your models and all related plots and grids, your recipients should have at least a read-only version of EMIGMA. If this is the case, the Basic package is exactly what you really need.

Data Management

  • Database backbone
  • Large data set handling: three levels of data organization inside a database
  • Data statistics

2D and 3D Visualization

  • Data visualization in 3D space, as profiles, vectors, true 3D surfaces or contoured surface along with the 3D structure display
  • Ability to view up to three data channels
  • 2D and 3D visualization of Euler solutions and magnetic inversion results


  • Comprehensive XY Plotter for plotting data, decays and positions
  • Multi-channel and multi-profile plots
  • Flipping between apparent resistivity and conductivity
  • Toggling between channels, profiles and models
  • Plotting to scale
  • Multiple plots per page
  • Residual plots


  • Multi-component grids - toggling between channels and components
  • Rectangular grid cells
  • Profile, data and contour overlays
  • Equal Weight and Equal Range display
  • Single-click conversion to Apparent Resistivity and Conductivity
  • Analytic Signal displays
  • Euler solution overlays
  • Superposition on raster maps
  • MultiGrid tool - viewing and comparing up to 4 grids at a time


  • Multi-component contours - toggling between components and channels
  • Flipping between Apparent Resistivity and Conductivity
  • Data display as 2D and 3D surfaces
  • Range of pseudo-depth and pseudo-section displays
  • 3D volume interpolation of inversion results - section cutting
Last updated Aug 11, 2022