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Products Overview

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In the Products section, you will find exhaustive information on two major products of our company, EMIGMA and QCTool. In essence they all serve one and the same purpose, which is advanced geophysical data interpretation. All recent generations of EMIGMA reflect our best effort to achieve this purpose and to create a universal software package combining all stages of non-seismic data processing, modeling and analyses. They are based on algorithms originally developed by our company and thus have advantages over other applications of this kind. The other product, QCTool, may be considered as a preprocessing stage of EMIGMA. After having passed quality control, data can directly be imported into EMIGMA. However this software is not limited to geophysical data only, it can be used in any other field where data handling and analyses are involved.

QCTool 5.0

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Now: More functionalities at the same price!
Check or edit your data using grids, contours, plots and spreadsheets at a time. Efficient tool for data quality control no matter what kind of data you are dealing with from geophysics to economics.


If you are involved in non-seismic data processing and interpretation, you have knocked at the right door. EiKon Technologies' software for Magnetic, Gravity, IP/Resistivity, Time-Domain Electro-magnetic and Frequency-Domain Electro-magnetic applications will provide an invaluable addition to your interpretation skills and intuition. Welcome to our latest edition of EMIGMA - An integrated data interpretation platform for Gravity, Magnetics, MT/CSAMT and EM/IP/Resistivity including processing, plotting, gridding, modeling, inversion and much, much more.

EMIGMA Basic (Viewer)

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EMIGMA Basic (Viewer):
  • View results produced from licensed EMIGMA installations. Includes inversions and models.
  • Provides all of our data display tools including plotting, 3D visualization, survey and data analyses displays, grid displays and contouring as well as geoelectric section and pseudoshow displays. No modeling, inversion, filtering or data interpolation is provided. For examples of databases please see sample databases.