Since 1994

Licensing Notes

  1. EMIGMA licenses are for any number of computers but your hardware dongle must be attached when using the software.
  2. The hardware dongle is your license: DO NOT LOSE IT.

    Under no circumstances will a lost or stolen dongle be replaced without a discounted re-purchase of the software. It is important that your EMIGMA dongle be insured against theft or loss.

  3. Licenses cannot be transferred between organizations or institutions.

    If you wish to transfer the license, please contact us. Without permission to transfer then support and maintenance of the license may be refused.

  4. Academic licenses are for research and teaching purposes ONLY.

    These licenses may not be used for any type of commercial purpose.

  5. The Professional or Near-Surface level of licenses are restricted for use to only data collected or purchased by your organization and for your organization's projects.

    These licenses may not be used for consulting or processing services for another organization.

  6. Premium licenses are restricted only in so far as airborne TEM inversion applications.

    Airborne TEM inversions may not be performed for other organizations other than your own without payment of royalties to Eikon Technologies.

Should you have any other inquiries regarding the licensing of EMIGMA please e-mail us