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New Features

The more notable new features include:

  • Magnetic Data Import: extension for multi-sensors
  • UTEM3: Point-Normalization option
  • Airborne TEM: Upgrades to handle HeliTEM including imports and
    rotation of receiver unit
  • Airborne TEM: Upgrades to allow normalization by current channel
  • Mapping overlays/underlays and transparency upgrades for
    Grid Presentation and Profile Modifier tools
  • CSAMT: New CSAMT 1D inversion with 3D source, inversion for impedance, E-field or H-field as well as inversion for multiple stations
  • SMARTem data import in Amira format
  • 3D Magnetics and Gravity inversions: Extensive enhancements to improve stability, speed, size of inversion grid and size of data set
  • 3D Resistivity Inversion: A new addition to the 3D inversions that EMIGMA offers
  • Plotter: Addition of error bars if error data exists
  • Plotter: Improvements to MT display allowing direct plotting of 1D and 2D estimators from the loaded impedances. This includes Strike Angle, Skew Angle, Principal Impedances, 1D Impedance average and determinant estimators
  • Visualizer: Now supports visualization of huge inversion grids
  • Apparent Resistivity Calculation for TEM: Improvements to invert each time channel for halfspace apparent resistivity
  • Aeromagnetic Compensation: This functionality is no longer supported in V8.5, however it is still supported in QCTool.
  • Inversion Model Export: 1D and 3D inversion results can be exported to a QCTool file
  • Database Export: Added option to select a group of data sets that can be compressed to a single file