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EMIGMA Version Comparison

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
This version of EMIGMA is fully compatible with Vista,
Windows 7 as well as XP and Windows 2000

3D gravity modeling algorithms

3D gravity gradient algorithms

Gravity and magnetics gradient modeling

Accurate and fast 3D resistivity modeling algorithm

Electromagnetic modeling algorithms

Frequency domain transform handles several new
TEM systems

Extended batch mode simulation

Greens' functions interpolation for faster multiple models,

Model suite generation and automatic "best model" analyzer

Helicopter TEM waveforms - AeroTem and VTEM

Tools for easy modeling of large airborne surveys

New Systems
  • CSEM
  • MTEM
  • ZTEM
  • MMR
New Algorithms

FREE SPACE INDUCTIVE PLATE ALGORITHM: The algorithm has been implemented to work in either time-domain or frequency-domain and allows for H or B or the time derivatives of H or B. At present, single or multiple non-interacting plates are allowed.

Data processing
2D FFT for derivatives, continuation, filtering,
Analytic signal, incl. Horizontal
1D, 2D spatial and digital filters
Reduction-to-the-Pole algorithms
3D Euler Depth Estimation with visualization and post processing
Advanced Aeromagnetic Compensation
Magnetic base station corrections
Leveling with vertical gradients
Deriving gradients from TMI
Enhanced contouring with horizontal gradients, measured gradients for inversion and depth estimation
Data Display/Analyses
3D surfaces, contours, line plots, residual plots, 5 interpolation techniques
3D Modeling
Large data sets, 3D simulations, unlimited prism and polyhedra targets, non-linear effects, demagnetization, remanents; magnetic channeling and magnetic body interactions
3D volume models of susceptibility with linear and nonlinear inversion tools - optimization and direct matrix inversions
Magnetization vector inversions
Data Imports
  • Gradient Magnetic Data - airborne or ground
  • Vector Magnetic Data
  • QCTool and ASCII file formats
  • Borehole
3D Inversion
  • TMI with gradients
  • TMI with topography
FFT Processing
2D FFT for derivatives, continuation, filtering, Analytic signals
1D, 2D spatial and digital filters
Missing data interpolation
Data Display/Analyses
3D surfaces, contours, line plots, residual plots, gridding and mapping
3D Modeling
2D/3D simulations, prism and polyhedra targets
3D Inversion
3D Euler Depth Estimation
Includes visualization and post processing

CG5/CG3 import and raw data processing in QCTool

QCTool, EMIGMA integration with GeoTools GravMaster for complete solutions

Data Imports
  • Full Tensor Airborne Gravity
  • QCTool and ASCII file formats
  • Borehole
  • 3D Inversion with topography
Data Display/Analyses
Gridding, 3D surfaces, contours, pseudosections, residual plots, line plots, 4 interpolation techniques
3D forward modeling

Complete IP solutions, prisms and polyhedra, body interactions, topography, unlimited profiles for dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, gradient, borehole Crosshole survey modeling capabilities

Schlumberger, Wenner array wizard setups and imports

1D inversion
Resistivity depth inversions and volume inversion sections
Data Imports
  • Zonge AVG - time domain and frequency domain
3D Inversion
  • Supports dipole-dipole, pole-dipole and pole-pole surveys
Data Processing
1D digital and spatial filters, 2D spatial filters,
data or position correction, data merging, UTM projections, mobile EM31, EM34 imports and processing
Data Display/Analyses
3D surfaces, contours, residual plots, line plots,
5 interpolation techniques, multigrid tools
3D Modelling
3D simulations; unlimited prisms, plates and polyhedra targets
1D Inversion
Joint resistivity and susceptibility inversion with a suite of minimization techniques; pseudo-depths and
geoelectric sections
Apparent Resistivity Tool, Sengpiel Depth-Sections
Enhanced Processing Capabilities
  • Spatial data smoothing
  • GPS attachments to data
Improved Data Analyses and Display
  • enhanced Profile analyses
  • improved grid analyses tools
  • raster map registration and overlays
Improved 1D inversion tools including
  • GPS altitude drapes
  • Inversion volume section cutting
  • Improved displays for CDI
  • Large data volume inversions
Data Processing
Data and position correction, filtering, CDI's, impulse-to-step processing, automatic tool for data fitting to models
Data Display/Analyses
3D surfaces, contours, residual plots, line plots, gridding, semi-animation of time domain responses, time decay contours
3D Modelling
3D simulations with 3 algorithms, prism, thin-sheet and polyhedra targets, multiple body interactions, magnetic effects, topography effects, model suite generation, batch modeling, easy and rapid comparison to model results

Integrated borehole magnetics modeling

1D inversion

1D inversion for both in-loop and out-of-loop configurations

Airborne fixed-wing and helicopter 1D inversions

Data Imports
  • TEM-FAST, terraTEM, Phoenix TEM, WTEM, MTEM, Zonge, HeliTEM, TEMPEST
Inversion techniques
  • TEM-FAST, terraTEM, Phoenix TEM,
    WTEM coincident loop TEM
  • Multi-component inversions
    - Hx,Hz outside loop for airborne and ground
  • Multi-station inversion
  • MTEM
Data Processing
1D digital and spatial filters, 2D spatial filters;
data and point correction
Data Display/Analyses
3D surfaces, contours, line plots, residual plots;
4 interpolation techniques
3D Modeling
3D simulations, impedances or fields, prism, plate and polyhedra targets, topography effects
1D Inversion
Apparent resistivity inversions, Bostick transforms
Data Imports
  • MT and Induction vector data - QCTool and Zonge AVG file format
  • ZTEM/AFMAG - QCTool file format
  • VLF-R - QCTool file format
  • CSAMT - QCTool and Zonge AVG file formats
1D CSAMT Inversion
  • Invert E field, H field or Z impedances
3D MT Inversion
  • Invert tipper and impedance
3D Modeling
  • Magnetic effects included in simulation of plane wave sources