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GeoTutor V

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View survey, build models
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GeoTutor V is EMIGMA-based software featuring a whole range of modeling, data display and inversion capabilities for Gravity, Magnetic, TEM (borehole, airborne, ground), FEM (airborne, ground and crosshole), MT/CSAMT, and IP/Resistivity (ground, borehole and crosshole). It can be used by practicing geologists dealing with a limited number of data or for self-instruction and survey design as well as by universities teaching their students contemporary approaches to non-seismic data interpretation.

GeoTutor V Models
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GeoTutor V Models

GeoTutor V is the fifth generation of a product initially intended for the educational purposes only - EMTutor. With GeoTutor I, you could build hypothetical models based on two algorithms, the thin sheet and the current channeling prism (LNPrism) algorithm, whereas the number of your profiles, bodies and layers was each restricted to two. Today, the software involves real field data imports, three algorithms, with the third being the inductive response algorithm (ILNPrism), and allows for polyhedra primitives as well as an unlimited number of targets, multiple profiles, layers, body interactions, topography imports and many more. The product continues to develop along with EMIGMA, and the range of its capabilities is supplemented on a regular basis currently including the forward simulation, 1D FEM inversion, 2D and 3D data display (3D visualization, 2D and 3D contouring and XY plotting), the 3D magnetic inversion, magnetic gradients and gravity data import and modeling.

Being a compact version of EMIGMA, GeoTutor V is often good enough when your purpose is to look at your data from different points in a modeling exercise and quickly find confirmation to your geological hypotheses. It can be used in mining, oil and gas, environmental, geotechnical and UXO applications, allowing for all types of data - airborne, ground, borehole and cross-hole. And finally it offers an easy wizard for setting up many kinds of today's instrumentation for modeling purposes.